Jacob Dice is a student passionate about learning, researching, and using scientific approaches to solve problems. He will graduate from William Jewell College in Kansas City, Missouri in May 2019 with a BA in Economics, a BA in Physics and a minor in Mathematics.

During his time at William Jewell, he has been an active student in the Physics department, a member of Sigma Pi Sigma (physics honorary society), and the president of the WJC DECA chapter.

After graduation, Jacob will work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City as a Research Associate in Banking Regulation.

Work Experience

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Python Support Intern: During the summer of 2018, Jacob interned as a Python Support intern. In this role, he worked with the banking economists to fulfill quantitative research needs.

Kansas City University Venture Partnership (2017-2018): Over the academic year of 2017-2018, Jacob is an associate at the Kansas City University Venture Partnership. KCUVP is a student-led venture finance program in collaboration with Royal Street Ventures and the Kauffman Foundation.  At KCUVP Jacob has gained experience in venture capital, angel investing, and private equity. Through this program, he has worked with numerous startups in the KC community and abroad.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Summer 2017) – IT Intern: Over the summer of 2017, Jacob worked on a multitude of IT and business intelligence projects at BlueKC. Here is a brief overview of his work:

    • Utilized Google Analytics to assess the BlueKC member portal
    • Placed 2nd in an internal hackathon with a redesigned member portal interface
    • Created aggregated visualizations and reports from Google Analytics data

Research Experience & Certifications

NSF Fluid Dynamics Research at William Jewell College (2017-2018): This project was primarily computational. Jacob utilized a hele-shaw cell modeling program to study the parameter set that differentiated between a Rayleigh-Taylor or double diffusion instability.

Pillsbury Summer Scholar at William Jewell College (June-August 2015): Jacob performed research in viscous fluid dynamics, mentored by Dr. Patrick Bunton. He worked in an astronomical research environment for one week operating a telescope in Flagstaff, Arizona studying the orbit frequency of eclipsing binary stars.

St. Louis University (June-July 2015): Jacob worked on a project at St. Louis University during his time as a Pillsbury Scholar.  This was a project in collaboration with Dr. Patrick Bunton and Dr. Istvan Kiss. Through this project, Jacob utilized imaging techniques to research the effects of non-laminar fluid flow on a microfluidic system.

Academic Involvement

Treasurer – Student Senate (2017-2018): Jacob served as treasurer on the William Jewell College Student Senate cabinet in 2017-2018. For the campaign, he developed a website you can check out at senate.jacobdice.com.

President – Collegiate DECA: Jacob is currently serving as DECA President for the William Jewell chapter. Jacob has qualified to DECA ICDC and competed as finalists on a national level for two years running.

Other Interests and Hobbies

PADI Open Water Dive Certified: Jacob has his open water dive and Nitrox enriched air certifications. In the future, Jacob hopes to take advantage of this ability to explore wildlife and other attractions underwater in the United States and abroad.

Dirt Bike Rider: One of Jacob’s favorite places in the world is Taylor Park, Colorado. Since a child, his family consistently traveled to Taylor Park to take in the beautiful scenery and ride ATVs and dirt bikes in the Rocky Mountains.

Licensed Amateur Ham Radio Technician: Certified in 2013 – if you’d prefer to contact Jacob over shortwave, my call sign is KD0YCH. www.arrl.org

Proficient MIG and TIG Welder: Through my passion for building and tinkering Jacob has learned to MIG and TIG weld. He has employed his skills for a number of projects, including replacing floor pans in a 1950’s Jeepster to fabricating camera mounts for a smart home setup.

Drone Photographer: Jacob works for Dice Photography, a family’s business, to serve clients with drone photography. Outside of commercial work, Jacob enjoys shooting photos and videos for family and friends.

Contact Me

Email: jdice@jacobdice.com

LinkedIn: Jacob Dice